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Licensing of Robin Brooks Marine Paintings

If you are seeking to reproduce certain works under licence, the Bridgeman Art Library hold the following images which are available.

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T: + 44 (0) 20 7727 4065

Thumbnail of 'As for Resolution' by Robin Brooks

As for Resolution
Ref: BDS25889

Thumbnail of 'The Gale Abating' by Robin Brooks

The Gale Abating
Ref: BDS215888

Thumbnail of 'The Forbidding Coast' by Robin Brooks

The Forbidding Coast
Ref: BDS215893

Thumbnail of 'We Stretched to the Southward' by Robin Brooks

We Stretched to the Southward
Ref: BDS215894

Thumbnail of 'Farewell Old England' by Robin Brooks

Farewell Old England
Ref: BDS215897

Thumbnail of 'Triumph of the Navigators' by Robin Brooks

Triumph of the Navigators
Ref: BDS215896

Thumbnail of 'The Glory of Brixham - BM16' by Robin Brooks

The Glory of Brixham - BM16
Ref: BDS215890

Thumbnail of 'The Gleaner - BM303' by Robin Brooks

The Gleaner - BM303
Ref: BDS215886

Thumbnail of 'Scandalised - BM16' by Robin Brooks

Scandalised - BM16
Ref: BDS215891

Thumbnail of 'Guess Again - BM346' by Robin Brooks

Guess Again - BM346
Ref: BDS215895

Thumbnail of 'The Mannequin' by Robin Brooks

The Mannequin - BM18
Ref: BDS215885

Thumbnail of 'Ibex - BM27' by Robin Brooks

Ibex - BM27
Ref: BDS215892

Thumbnail of 'The Defining Moment - 1805' by Robin Brooks

The Defining Moment - 1805
Ref: BDS215881

Thumbnail of 'H.M. Alert - Cutter 1777' by Robin Brooks

H.M. Alert - Cutter 1777
Ref: BDS215887

Thumbnail of The Gale Abating by Robin Brooks

Don't Give Up the Ship
HMS Shannon & USS Chesapeake
Ref: BDS215882

© Robin Brooks 2007

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