Cards - Lost in the Clouds

Cards: Lost in the Clouds

HM Resolution - January 1775

'Captain James Cook - Son of the Land, Master of the Sea';

A series of paintings by Robin Brooks - Marine Painter
The Resolution noses her way wearily along the north coast of South Georgia 1775. It was on Tuesday January 17th 1775 that Captain James Cook landed on the island that he was later to call South Georgia. He wrote

- wild rocks, raised there lofty summits till they were lost in the clouds and the valleys lay buried in everlasting snow. Not a tree or shrub was to be seen, not even big enough to make a tooth pick, I landed in three different places, displayed our colours and took possession of the country in his majesty's name, under a discharge of small arms.”

This was Captain James Cook's second voyage of exploration and discovery 1772—1775. Cook in command of HM Resolution and his consort HM Adventure , Tobias Furneaux.

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